Monday, June 29, 2009

Colorado Whitewater Rafting and what is an R2?

What's an ‘R2’?
You might hear the term "R2" mentioned in the context of Colorado whitewater rafting. This refers to a paddle raft being paddled by just two people. They usually sit shoulder to shoulder in the middle of the raft, each paddling a side. Of course, they can sit anywhere they want. The term R2 implies a sportier version of paddle rafting since it is more challenging to maneuver the boat when there are just two people aboard.

R2's came from the idea of kayaks and canoes for the simple reason of wanting something new and ingenuity on the rivers. Of course the R2's come after the larger rafts design for those people who take Colorado Whitewater Rafting to higher levels and extremes compared to a large group on a self bailer for a trip.

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