Friday, July 3, 2009

Colorado River Rafting and what to wear...

You will be the most comfortable in things that dry quickly. If the weather is warm, and that is most typical, dress to get wet. Swimsuits, shorts and T-shirts are fine. Appropriate footwear is a must. Old pair of tennis shoes or the Teva-type sport sandals (the guides choice of footwear) is best. Wool socks or no socks. If it is expected to be a cool day, rule number one is COTTON IS WRONG! A wool sweater or fleece jacket is good to have along on any raft trip. There are brands of wetsuits and one of the best for coldwater 45 degrees is this wetsuit approved by scuba pros and this wetsuit for waters ranging 60 to 75 degrees, spray jackets, and river boots preferred by Colorado River Rafting professionals. Again, expect to get wet!

If you wear glasses or plan to wear sunglasses, a retaining strap such as a chums or croakies is the key to still owning your glasses at the end of the day. Only waterproof cameras are recommended. A water bottle is nice to have along. Most outfitters rent the river wear and some provide certain things for free like on your Colorado Whitewater Rafting trip. Sunscreen and/or a hat are also good to have. Don't forget your spirit of adventure.

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