Friday, January 29, 2010

The O.A.R.S. Fleet of Boats

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Oar Raft
The peerless sight-seeing craft. An inflatable hull makes for a rollicking ride, but it’s tough and stable enough to plunge through the rapids with ease. Your guide pilots the raft with long wooden or composite oars. (Three to five passengers)

Paddle Raft
Agile as a rainbow trout, it handles any level of whitewater rapids. And you’re the engine. Everybody paddles while the guide – the “Paddle Captain” – shouts out instructions: “Left back!” “Forward paddle!” (Four to six passengers)

Oar Raft with Paddle Assist
The monster truck of the O.A.R.S. fleet, used on most maximum intensity/Class V expeditions. The guide maneuvers the inflatable craft from the rear with two hefty wooden oars while the crew powers though roaring rapids with single-blade paddles. (Four to six passengers)

Dories are the kings of the river. These rigid, beautiful boats were first used commercially in the Grand Canyon by writer/conservationist/boatman, Martin Litton in 1964. Dories, hard-hulled but ultra-buoyant, shoot through rapids and make the big drops look easy. Your guide navigates from the center with two large oars. (Four passengers)

Our stand-alone motor rig, this big water pontoon craft is used on our 3-day and 4-day Cataract Canyon trips - fits 8 to 9 passengers.

Inflatable Kayak
Just you and the water. Exciting in low- to midintensity rapids. An inflatable kayak puts you near water level. When you ride the chutes, waves and drops, you get a taste of what it must be like to be a river otter. (Cockpit has room for one or two)

Sea Kayak
The ultimate explorer—at home in open seas or inches from shore. Stealthy, quiet and quick, sea kayaks give you intimate access to the natural world of beaver dams, Yellowstone hot spots, pelican nests, or Galápagos turtles. Perfect for the active adventurer. (Cockpit has room for one or two)

Whitewater Kayak
Ideal for the solo river runner or avid playboater, hard shell kayaks offer the ultimate in performance and maneuverability in just about any type of whitewater - used for our whitewater kayak instructional courses in Idaho.

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