Monday, February 8, 2010

What to Do in An Emergency

Posted by: Colorado River Rafting

Now all you have to do is sail down the open rivers and enjoy! But before you jump into a tiny piece of rubber and go careening over waterfalls, you should at least be able to handle yourself in an emergency. (Yes, peeing your bathing suit is a good start, but there's more you can do):

  • NEVER PANIC, because that's the only thing that can lead to drowning or death. Deaths are incredibly infrequent on guided river rafting tours.

  • Remember, your guides are equipped with all sorts of first aid and emergency equipment.

  • In addition to having your capable river guides in tow, most expeditions have a lead guide in a kayak quipped with buoys, ropes and lifesavers, and you will be required to wear a life saving flotation device (usually a vest).

  • If you fall out of your raft, float downstream on your back until a guide can get to you. The guide will tow you to shore and (if you're lucky), perform mouth-to-mouth.

Most people's attitudes change drastically from the beginning of a rafting expedition to its end: they go from being apprehensive and nervous to confident and boisterous. Of course, there is the occasional whiner, but the entire group (including the guides) can handle those wimps by continually splashing them with water.

A Colorado whitewater rafting trip will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, as well as potential souvenirs: many outfitters now videotape expeditions and take photos at strategic points on the river for guests to purchase afterwards. Ahhh…capitalism meets nature. What a beautiful thing.


  1. Hello, I was browsing the internet for Cagayan de Oro whitewater rafting websites and came across yours. Anyway, with any activity that involves risk and excitement, white water rafting entails applying safety measures. Basically, before engaging in rafting adventures, the certified rafting instructors provide a briefing regarding the safety measures for the white water rafting trip to avoid injuries.

  2. Always may sure that you have a great rafting experience by having the correct gear. When we got our Saturn boat we got helmets for everyone in our party as well as PFDs. Its all about having good safe fun.

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