Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Colorado River Rafting

We are the thrill providers. If you enjoy the rush of fear from a horror movie! If you enjoy the thrill of mountain biking or running... that rush of exhilaration, whitewater rafting is another way to get it. If you enjoy mountain climbing it has a rush of adrenaline. If you enjoy skiing your getting adrenaline rushes. With Colorado River rafting you are getting those rushes every second as the water changes your movement and your mind adjusts to the roller coaster ride sliding you through the water's path.

Have you ever experienced whitewater rafting anywhere? If you have experienced Colorado River Rafting or whitewater rafting anywhere in the world we are looking for your stories to publish in blogs. We want the raw experience that can only be told by you from you and your group. How long you were in the water. Where you were. Who you were outfitting with. What was the memory of thrill after thrill.

I can remember my first time experiencing the ride that seems like yesterday as we were a raft of 4 thrown down the whitewater blasting against rocks, over rocks, past rocks... through waterfalls. At points it was like looking over the top of nothing like on a roller coaster looking out as you are on top of the climb before you can see the track and all you can see is open sky and you know you are about to drop. That feeling of adrenaline in your mind flowing into your head, throat, chest, and stomach reacting with your whole body of controlled bottled fear about to explode into an experience of exhilaration. You start going down the drop and you finally see a track of water and your gushing down shot fast as you free-fall with the water running into a flat plane of water dropping fifty feet ... what a rush and experience! Reply your experience to this article about your memories of exhilaration in Colorado River rafting or any whitewater trip around the world you have experienced. You may win a trip for your entry of your memorable ride!

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