Monday, May 11, 2009

White Water Rafting In Cagayan De Oro (Phillipines)

A friend of ours on his Phillipines Travel Log posted an article on whitewater rafting in the Phillipines in Cagayan De Oro stating this about his experience:

After Anawangin, I flew to CDO to participate in an all-expense-paid vacation involving white water rafting and a 3 day stay in Caminguin. I didn’t care much for Camiguin as I’ve been there a few times already. It was the rafting I was most interested in. I must admit to raising a skeptical eyebrow everytime I read all the praises about this different kind of adventure from folks who’ve been there. What’s so special about a river, a few rapids, some raft? I’ve been burned by clickthecity’s review on Putipot Island before that I’ve been doubly wary about other people’s reviews.
CDO Whitewater Rafting

But I was pleasantly mistaken.
White Water Rafting Safety

White Water Rafting In CDO is indeed an adventure worth taking. There– I’ve already joined the bandwagon. The clincher really was the number of HOURS I spent aboard the inflatable raft. Yes, you read that right. You will be aboard the raft for at least two hours and man, you get to really appreciate the CDO river. It is absolutely amazing. I didn’t realize that we have a river like that in the Philippines and I’ve seen my share of rivers. I can’t begin to express the exhilaration I felt surrounded by all those cliffs and the vegetation and the still waters.
Calm Before The White Water Storm

If there’s one adventure that you must do this summer, do this one. I guarantee that you would have one great time.
White Water Rafting Fun

"This article is honest and truly a common response to first timers participating in whitewater rafting" quote from the editor of WhitewaterTimes...


  1. I've never been in Caminguin... I've never been in Asia but I will
    Anywho, looks like you had a blast with your water rafting buddies

  2. lol, I just came back to see what I wrote. I was worried I wrote bad things, hihihi.

  3. you know...I have visited the Philippines and was actually born there...yet I never thought about white water rafting over there. Possibly because I just flock to the beaches.

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