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What to bring on your Colorado River Rafting Trip

Colorado River Rafting Info

Colorado River Rafting is a hugely popular sport, and it should come as no surprise to anyone who has felt the addiction that the rapids holds that there are more people discovering the thrill of whitewater every year. There are many companies that provide excursions down rivers across the world, and the United States and Canada are no exception.

The number of Colorado river rafting outfitters out there means that rafters have a lot of option when it comes to what they would like to do for their trip. A casual float down Class III rapids or a wild contest with Class Vs are available in almost every state and province. Every outfitter offers at least a five hour trip, with many offering anywhere up to week-long excursions to really explore the rivers across this continent. No matter how long a trip you are planning for, there are some essential items that you need to bring along in order to have the best experience possible.

Protection from the sun
Whether you are embarking on a trip that can be measured in hours or in days, the most important equipment to bring along are items that can protect you from the sun’s rays. Remember, you will be out on open water, and even though you may not feel the heat, there is little protection out there from the sun.

"Most of your efforts go into protecting yourself from the sun," states Brian, a guide with Raftmasters, which runs rafting trips in Colorado on the Colorado, Arkansas, and the Royal Gorge area. To that extent, he always tells rafters to make sure to bring along good sunscreen, a water bottle, and sunglasses.

Virtually every company we talked to agreed that the battle with the sun was the most crucial in deciding what to bring along. Jeff Proctor, of Jeff Proctor Class VI River Runners (which runs river trips down the New and Gauley Rivers of West Virginia, concurs with the basic list set out by Michael, and also adds that other weather considerations are crucial.

"For the shoulder season (when the weather begins to turn), bring a wet suit or paddling jacket."

Longer Trips
Both outfitters provide trips that will last for longer than one day, and for these trips some additional thought is needed when preparing your gear.

Proctor points out that foot gear is important. "Folks should come dressed for the river, with a shoe or sandal that can get wet and stay on your feet. You should still feel comfortable walking around on a sandy beach."

Sandy beaches are part of what makes packing for a two-day trip down the Holiday runs a lot easier; "With warm sandy beaches to camp on, you don't need much gear. A light weight tent, a basic sleeping bag and pad is all that you need," states Michael.

As for other equipment, well, both outfitters want to make sure that you always remember the trip, so in the words of Michael “Don’t forget your camera!”

What if you forget?
If you forget something on your checklist, or fail to make a checklist at all, there is no need to panic. Most rafting outfitters have stores at their expedition start-outs where they sell or rent out any equipment that rafters may need.

There is nothing quite like getting out and taking on nature in one of its most powerful forms, so make sure that before you hit the river you prepare for the trip. It’s guaranteed that your first time will not be your last!

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Welcome to Colorado River Rafting....

More major rivers start in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado than in any other state in America. Starting in the alpine forests and tumbling down to the plains, our many rivers carve through spectacular canyons and gorges. The prominent members of the Colorado Rafting Association have joined together to offer a wide variety of rafting adventures from challenging, adrenaline-pumping whitewater to leisurely family floats. Your Colorado vacation can include a short, introductory ½ day trip or you can choose to enjoy one of our many rivers on a multi-day wilderness expedition. Our Colorado River Rafting trips are in variety for leisure to wild.

While you vacation in Colorado,Colorado River Rafting adventures are never far away! The wild and scenic Cache la Poudre River starts high in Rocky Mountain Park and flows through Fort Collins. On the other side of the Continental Divide, the mighty Colorado flows west through popular destinations like Glenwood Canyon providing fun family rafting. For those close to Denver, Clear Creek is a popular choice for intermediate to extreme rafting experiences. West of Colorado Springs in the Royal Gorge region is America's most popular river, the Arkansas River, with over 100 miles of available rafting from Browns Canyon to the Royal Gorge. Visitors to the Crested Butte area can enjoy the alpine wonders of the Taylor and Gunnison Rivers.

If Durango is your destination, the Animas River provides convenient family floats and high alpine extreme rafting adventures. Travelling to western Colorado brings you to the desert canyons of the Colorado River and the Green River where multi-day wilderness trips of unsurpassed beauty are the trips of choice.

Raftecho offers a variety of ways to enjoy our rivers. Choose an oar raft, paddle raft or inflatable kayak. Raftecho provides a wide variety of recreational activities including raft and rail, paddle and saddle, whitewater wine and dine, raft and bridge, and adrenaline rafts giving you a variety with your whitewater rafting trip. Your whitewater adventure begins with us! All of the rivers… All of the Dreams.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Colorado River Rafting

We are the thrill providers. If you enjoy the rush of fear from a horror movie! If you enjoy the thrill of mountain biking or running... that rush of exhilaration, whitewater rafting is another way to get it. If you enjoy mountain climbing it has a rush of adrenaline. If you enjoy skiing your getting adrenaline rushes. With Colorado River rafting you are getting those rushes every second as the water changes your movement and your mind adjusts to the roller coaster ride sliding you through the water's path.

Have you ever experienced whitewater rafting anywhere? If you have experienced Colorado River Rafting or whitewater rafting anywhere in the world we are looking for your stories to publish in blogs. We want the raw experience that can only be told by you from you and your group. How long you were in the water. Where you were. Who you were outfitting with. What was the memory of thrill after thrill.

I can remember my first time experiencing the ride that seems like yesterday as we were a raft of 4 thrown down the whitewater blasting against rocks, over rocks, past rocks... through waterfalls. At points it was like looking over the top of nothing like on a roller coaster looking out as you are on top of the climb before you can see the track and all you can see is open sky and you know you are about to drop. That feeling of adrenaline in your mind flowing into your head, throat, chest, and stomach reacting with your whole body of controlled bottled fear about to explode into an experience of exhilaration. You start going down the drop and you finally see a track of water and your gushing down shot fast as you free-fall with the water running into a flat plane of water dropping fifty feet ... what a rush and experience! Reply your experience to this article about your memories of exhilaration in Colorado River rafting or any whitewater trip around the world you have experienced. You may win a trip for your entry of your memorable ride!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breckenridge Rafting

Breckenridge is one of the earliest and biggest communities in Summit County. There is an assortment of amazing activities all through the year but the most exciting is the Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting in the summer months. It is nestled in the Blue River Valley sandwiched between the serrated peaks of the Ten and the Baldy Mountains.

You will be able to hire the most committed as well as skilled and enthusiastic outdoor professionals who will guide you through the thrilling Breckenridge Whitewater Rafting tours which awaits you. This is one adventure which you will take a long time to forget.

"We experienced Raftecho and Breckenridge "

A Whitewater rafting multi-trip included visitations of Breckenridge Fun
One of our whitewater rafters who went to the Breckenridge areas of our Colorado Whitewater Rafting experience not only did a multi-day rafting trip, but they also experienced Breckenridge before and after their float for an additional week of their vacation the paragraphs below on what they did in addition to a 2 day Breckenridge rafting!

Summer in Breckenridge is not complete without the thrills of
the Peak 8 Fun Park!

The Peak 8 Fun Park features activities for all ages including the
Alpine SuperSlides, Mountain Biking, SuperPutt, Mini Golf, a Climbing Wall, Sky Fly Trampoline, Spin Cycle, Bounce House, Gem Stone Panning, and Colorados largest human maze!

Breckenridge Hiking
Don't miss your chance for a beautiful adventure in the mountains surrounding
Breckenridge. There are many hiking trails that start and finish right here in
the heart of Breckenridge. Visit the Summit County Explorer for more
information on hiking in Breckenridge.

Main Street Performances and Festivals
Get into the Blue! Breckenridge's Blue River Plaza hosts free performances every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer, including music, theatre, art, culture, sports, historical displays and kids' activities. You also won't want to miss out on several of the great festivals hitting Breckenridge this summer including the Breckenridge Art Festival, the Jazz and Wine Festival, the Great Divide Art Festival. Check out our Calendar of Events for more details.

Breckenridge Golf Course

The Breckenridge Golf Course is the only municipally owned Jack Nicklaus designed course in the world. With 27 holes between 3 different courses, there are many choices for your day on the links. Groups of 12 or more should call for information on tee times and possible tournament packages. Call (970) 453-9104 or visit the Breckenridge Golf Club for more information.

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Raftmasters has booked so many trips already...

The trip reservations are filling up so plan your trip with our experienced river guides. Just go to our sight and make reservations at We have booked half of our trip availability already for the whole summer. We expect it to be full by the end of July, but because of the flood of reservations they could be booked as early as the end of June... who knows?

A Clear Creek float is the image above for a whitewater river raft experience these first timers expected and have been told about, yet they had this to say about the rafting expedition. "We knew this was going to be a ride, but we had no idea the intensity, fun, exhilaration, and thrill this whitewater rafting sport really gives you." "We booked twice for 2009 for a one day trip on the Arkansas River and a multi-day trip in August on the Royal Gorge River."

Monday, May 11, 2009

White Water Rafting In Cagayan De Oro (Phillipines)

A friend of ours on his Phillipines Travel Log posted an article on whitewater rafting in the Phillipines in Cagayan De Oro stating this about his experience:

After Anawangin, I flew to CDO to participate in an all-expense-paid vacation involving white water rafting and a 3 day stay in Caminguin. I didn’t care much for Camiguin as I’ve been there a few times already. It was the rafting I was most interested in. I must admit to raising a skeptical eyebrow everytime I read all the praises about this different kind of adventure from folks who’ve been there. What’s so special about a river, a few rapids, some raft? I’ve been burned by clickthecity’s review on Putipot Island before that I’ve been doubly wary about other people’s reviews.
CDO Whitewater Rafting

But I was pleasantly mistaken.
White Water Rafting Safety

White Water Rafting In CDO is indeed an adventure worth taking. There– I’ve already joined the bandwagon. The clincher really was the number of HOURS I spent aboard the inflatable raft. Yes, you read that right. You will be aboard the raft for at least two hours and man, you get to really appreciate the CDO river. It is absolutely amazing. I didn’t realize that we have a river like that in the Philippines and I’ve seen my share of rivers. I can’t begin to express the exhilaration I felt surrounded by all those cliffs and the vegetation and the still waters.
Calm Before The White Water Storm

If there’s one adventure that you must do this summer, do this one. I guarantee that you would have one great time.
White Water Rafting Fun

"This article is honest and truly a common response to first timers participating in whitewater rafting" quote from the editor of WhitewaterTimes... as one of the premiere outfitters for Colorado Whitewater Rafting

Of all the places we have ventured along the rivers around the world we especially appreciate and enjoy Colorado Whitewater Rafting along the Arkansas River, Colorado River, Clear Creek, Eagle River, Blue River, and Dolores River experiencing some of the best outfitters just to mention one, Check out some of these links summarizing some greats of the world for Colorado Whitewater Rafting.

Questions? Contact

1-800-755-ECHO (3246)

Raftmasters as a premiere outfitter choice in Colorado

If you're looking for the top Colorado whitewater rafting outfitter, you've found it. At Raft Masters, Colorado whitewater rafting isn't just a business; it's their passion. No other Colorado whitewater rafting company does it like they do. They stake their reputation on providing professional, high-quality Colorado whitewater rafting adventures dedicated to your comfort and enjoyment.

At Raft Masters you'll find:

* A wide variety of Arkansas River rafting trips suited to the ability of every group or family member. Beginner or expert, young or old, they've got a Colorado whitewater rafting trip for every comfort level.

* Experienced Colorado whitewater rafting guides who know historic Clear Creek and the scenic Arkansas River like the backs of their paddles. Their top-notch guides are rigorously trained to ensure a Colorado whitewater rafting trip as memorable as it is exciting.

* Options. Whether it's a half-day action-packed jaunt, a full-day of Colorado whitewater rafting thrills, or a leisurely multi-day river exploration, Raft Masters has a whitewater rafting trip to fit your budget and timeframe.

* Competitive prices. No hidden or last minute add-on charges. They provide all your river gear. For free. It's a reflection of their commitment to provide a Colorado whitewater rafting experience that exceeds your expectations.

* Quality wetsuits, river boots, and paddle jackets essential for your safety and comfort at no charge. We want your Colorado whitewater rafting experience to be enjoyable - so you can "experience the thrill without the chill." We're also the only Colorado whitewater rafting outfitter that requires, and provides, safety helmets on all trips.

In addition to our Clear Creek and Arkansas River rafting trips, we also offer Specialty Colorado whitewater rafting packages:

* Rail & Raft
* Boat & Bridge
* Whitewater & Wine

We're proud of our reputation as a premiere Colorado whitewater rafting outfitter and grateful for repeat customers who continually refer their friends and family.

When you're ready, give Raft Masters a call. We'll do our best to arrange the perfect Colorado whitewater rafting trip for you.

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Royal Gorge Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

Royal Gorge Rafting is for those who want the most whitewater thrills. As the Arkansas River narrows to only 25-feet wide, this adventure-packed whitewater rafting trip winds its way through the 1,100-foot cliffs of the Royal Gorge. Famous for its steep drops, huge waves, and continuous Class III to Class V whitewater, the spectacular scenery and Royal Gorge's famous rapids thrill even the most experienced whitewater rafting veterans. Minimum age varies with water levels.

Royal Gorge Half Day - 12 miles

Can't wait for the "big stuff"? Head straight for the action on one of our most popular Royal Gorge rafting trips! Be sure to check out our free wetsuits before you head to the river on this one. Our world-class reputation was built on this world-class whitewater. After a short warm-up you will begin miles of nearly continuous whitewater and rapids like Sunshine Falls, Sledgehammer, Boat Eater and many more. Once you finish your trip through the Royal Gorge you will be only minutes away from our office in Canon City.

This full day rafting trip is a true rafters' delight. In the morning you can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and prepare for your Royal Gorge adventure as you warm up on the best whitewater rapids of Bighorn Canyon. After stopping for our picnic style buffet lunch, you'll cap your day with a heart-pounding ride through the Royal Gorge.

Once is not enough? Double your fun with back-to-back trips through the Royal Gorge. picnic style buffet lunch included. This Royal Gorge whitewater rafting adventure is sure to thrill. Minimum group 6.

A Raft America Article on the economy and Whitewater Rafting ...

What does 2009 hold for whitewater rafting and the adventure travel industry? It depends on what the adventure is. 2008 provided a roller-coaster ride for the entire nation as we saw outrageous gas prices, the real estate market crash and finally the entire collapse of the financial industry and economy in general.

The direct affect of the economy has not fully hit the rafting industry as of yet. 2009 will be a historic year, and nobody can predict what will happen this season. Since most of the economic collapse happened towards the end of the rafting season last year, most outfitters fared "OK". Everyone took hits with the gas crises, but avoided the major collapse of the market.

Although studies have shown that "vacations" are often one of the last items people cut in their personal budgets, it is beginning to be evident that vacations are not immune to the market downturn.

Advanced bookings are slightly down across the board, and cancellations are statistically higher than usual, as those who booked far in advance are realizing the "extra" vacation cash needs to pay off bills.

That being said, summer vacations and adventure travel will still be a hot ticket on people's itinerary for 2009. One positive that local outfitters may see is that residents will cut back on traveling to distant locations, and try to find fun and relaxation closer to home. Local marketing and local advertising will be important factors for staying above water (no pun intended).

I predict that whitewater rafting will stay strong for those who realize that you will have to spend money to make money. In an economy where businesses are cutting costs, many have the opportunity to rise above the competition as many scale down marketing efforts.

As far as water levels, rivers and geographic issues, it looks like there is still plenty of snow pack and storms to come that should not be an issue for most parts of the nation.

As usual, we will see how things play out...

Posted by Raft America and edited by WhitewaterTimes

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Where to find articles about Whitewater Rafting from experts or novices...

As I did some research on articles about whitewater rafting I came across a site called Nomad Journal Trips and they have some excellent articles. Another good site for articles is raftinfo. I am giving you the best of the best articles in this blog to check out:

Poconos Whitewater
California Whitewater Rafting
Whitewater rafting on the Nile
Whitewater Articles from around the world
Great Articles on whitewater rafting at Live Strong

Basic River Safety Tips for Whitewater Rafting -- powered by

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Video: Colorado Whitewater Rafting

This channel is a compilation of video highlights from the multiple Colorado whitewater rafting trips offered by Echo Canyon River Expeditions.

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Where in the world for Whitewater Rafting... Colorado of course!

Of all the places we have ventured along the rivers around the world we especially appreciate and enjoy Colorado Whitewater Rafting along the Arkansas River, Colorado River, Clear Creek, Eagle River, Blue River, and Dolores River experiencing some of the best outfitters just to mention one, Check out some of these links summarizing some greats of the world for Colorado Whitewater Rafting.
  • Arkansas River
  • Colorado River
  • Clear Creek
  • Eagle River
  • Blue River
  • Overnight Trips
  • Whitewater Rafting Colorado Blog